When you find a link that looks promising and you’re like, “Please be legit. Please be legit.”

Jul 31

I kind of want a new url, but I don’t have any ideas and I really like Entirely-un-Extraordinary.

Jul 31

Reblog if you are proud of your URL

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Paul Wesley looking very interested in what people are saying.

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She denied my story because she had already written her own fanfiction explaining. I don’t want to read it. My story was so much better, arghhh

My face right now consists of:

While my thoughts are:

Can I just redesign her character too since she’s such a Danny copy? We already have a Danny clone, thank you.

Zodiac Hidden Fears

  1. ♈ Aries: Aries fear that they don't fear 'fear'. Most of them are insightful enough to know they can leap head on into danger unnecessarily
  2. ♉ Taurus: People will think they are boring. To make up for it they bake food or take people out because they are worried they alone aren't enough
  3. ♊ Gemini: Other people will see how internally wound up and vulnerable they are. How much they really need somebody there; no matter how independent they may seem
  4. ♋ Cancer: Having a volatile family life. Most Cancers fear divorce but also believe it will never happen to them
  5. ♌ Leo: People will tire of their theatrics and neediness and reject them entirely. That eventually people will give up on trying to assure them and cope with their drama
  6. ♍ Virgo: People will judge them and treat them differently if they are not at least fulfilling some purpose or use for being around
  7. ♎ Libra: They will be alone forever
  8. ♏ Scorpio: They will open up and share a secret to somebody, but be rejected / betrayed
  9. ♐ Sagittarius: They will love somebody more than the other person loves them. They will need somebody more than they are needed.
  10. ♑ Capricorn: Because everyone puts so much faith in them, they are secretly worried they will just destroy everything and don't know who to ask for help
  11. ♒ Aquarius: Eventually they will just drift entirely away from everybody. That one day they will be unable to decipher what is rational and not. A true sense of isolation
  12. ♓ Pisces: That people only pretend to like them. Most Pisces can't figure out why they have friends or why they are liked. They are constantly comparing themselves

I’m trying really hard to make this girl’s bio sound original but it’s really hard since she wrote everyone really out of character. The way she wrote Dark!Danny(Dan), is so out of character and I’m trying to make him sound in character the best I possibly can while still sticking with her story.

If anyone didn’t know already, I kind of get mean after 2am.

Jul 31